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Education Committee

DL21C's Education Committee provides its participants with an in-depth look at NYC's education system through exposure to leading education advocates, reformers and policy makers. The goal is to increase our knowledge of the system, its players and reform options so that we may effect positive change for NYC children.

DL21C's Education Commitee is a small subset of DL21C's membership that meets regularly in informal settings to have in-depth discussions with policy advocates, public officials, political operatives and community leaders who are specialists in an aspect of the public education system of The City of New York. The goal of the committee is to to mobilize an informed pro-public education constituency and effect positive change. Please join us in our venture to work our way through this notoriously complicated, but critically important, part of our government.

"Calling NYS Senators to Make a Decision on Education Funding"

On April 6, 2006, DL21c partnered with Citizen Action of New York (CANY) and the Alliance for Quality Education (AQE) for an evening of high impact phone-banking.
After our March 2 event with Melorra Sochet, Deputy Director to the NYC Council's Commission on the CFE lawsuit, and our March 16 phone-banking session where we connected numerous New Yorkers directly with their state senator's offices, the DL21C Education Committee is energized and on the move!

Eva Moskowitz on "Ending Social Promotion"

Eva Moskowitz on "Ending Social Promotion"
September 22, 2005

Melorra Sochet on the CFE Lawsuit

On Wednesday, March 2nd, the DL21C Education Committee hosted "The Campaign For Fiscal Equity (CFE) Lawsuit: A Once In A Life Time Opportunity to Improve NYC Schools" featuring Melorra Sochet, Deputy Director, New York City Council Commission of CFE.

Randi Weingarten on Education Reform

On Thursday, February 3rd, theDL21C Education Committee hosted Randi Weingarten, President, United Federation of Teachers for A Union Perspective on the Teacher's Contract...or Lack Thereof!

NYC has not renewed its contract with the UFT since May of 2003. What does thismean for the teachers, schools, children and community?" Randi Weingarten, a mainstay of the New York City Education world, spoke about her point of view on Education Reform and how Mayor Bloomberg has performed on the one issue he says is most important for his reelection:  education.

Addressing the Recent Challenges to Charter Schools

featuring Kristen Kane, CEO of the Office of New Schools and Joe Feldman, Director of Assessment and Accountability for the Office of New Schools, New York City Department of Education

About the Issue

Mayor Bloomberg's 'End to Social Promotion of Third Graders' -- Education Reform or Political Lip Service?

April 15, 2004

DL21C's Education Committee hosted New York City Council Member and Education Committee Chair Eva Moskowitz, who spoke about "Mayor Bloomberg's 'End to Social Promotion of Third Graders' -- Education Reform or Political Lip Service?"

Closing the Education Gap with Early Childhood Intervention

October 16, 2003

More Past Events:

Ray Domanico, Public Education Association, Overview of the Public School System, April 22, 1998

Janet Atwell, Education Priorities Panel, on New York State's School Funding System, May 13, 1998

Jonathan Rosenberg, U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights, on Special Education and Gifted Programs, June 2, 1998

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