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Wednesday, April 20
6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

"What's the Deal with Redistricting?" with Mike Gianaris, New York State Senator (D-Astoria)

307 E 53rd St (Between 1st Ave and 2nd Ave) E/V to Lexington Ave 6 to 51st Street

This Wednesday....get the scoop on one of the hottest political issues in NYS - the redistricting of federal and state legislative districts, which occurs every 10 years - and meet Senator Gianaris. He'll discuss the ins and outs of the current redistricting process, the political context of redistricting in the last election, and how current proposals for independent redistricting could help ensure that we are more empowered in our communities. 

Moderated by City Hall News' Andrew Hawkins
Co-sponsored by Common Cause NY

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See you Wednesday night!

About This Event

Redistricting is the process that establishes political boundaries for your community. It defines what area you vote in and what set of political candidates you vote for. Redistricting helps determine future representation in Congress, the state legislature and more. New lines are drawn only every ten years, so the decisions have major consequences for New Yorkers.

A flawed redistricting process could mean your vote counts less. In the past, elected officials in Albany have distorted districts throughout the state to effectively create permanent seats. If politicians have little chance of being voted out of office, they are less accountable to the public, and voters ultimately have less chance of changing public policy.

About Mike Gianaris

Michael Gianaris was elected to the state Senate with over 81% of the vote and is the first Greek-American to be elected to office from New York City and has served his community and his state with unique effectiveness.

Senator Gianaris was elected to the State Assembly in 2000.

In the Assembly, Mike recognized the dysfunction of state government and has emerged as a leader on government reform issues. Mike has sponsored numerous measures to improve the efficiency and transparency of state government, including a proposal to reform the legislative redistricting process that the New York Times has called "the real key to reform" in Albany.

Most recently, when state government was brought to a screeching halt, it was Mike Gianaris who found the solution to end the stalemate. By recommending that the Governor appoint a Lieutenant Governor, Mike was able to end the logjam and and get the State Senate working again on behalf of New Yorkers.

Additionally, among his many accomplishments in the legislature, Mike authored important public safety measures, including the state's first major anti-terror law after September 11th. His Energy Security Act, which has become a national model, enhances security at our State's power plants and transmission centers. His Airline Passenger Bill of Rights, now in the process of becoming a federal law, ensures that travelers are treated with respect and dignity while on commercial airplanes. 

Mike is also a fighter to protect our environment, particularly in the effort to reshape New York's energy policy. He wrote the Clean Energy Law that encourages the private sector to utilize modern technologies to dramatically reduce pollution while increasing productivity. Mike also held Con Ed accountable when its blackouts hurt local businesses and families in our community. Thanks to Mike’s efforts, the energy behemoth was forced to pay restitution to those affected by its mistakes.

Born in Astoria, Queens to Nicholas and Magdalene Gianaris, Mike is a graduate of the New York City public school system. He attended Public School 84, Junior High School 141 and Long Island City High School before graduating from Fordham University, Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelors Degree in Economics and Political Science. He went on to receive his law degree from Harvard Law School.