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Older Committee Events

3/14/07 Eye on 08 Series
General Wesley Clark

6/27/06 Political Author Series

6/19/06 Afghanistan: The Challenges of Rebuilding a Civil Society
Cordelia Persen

Paul Rieckhoff - Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans of America and Patrick Healy - Chief Metro Political Reporter, New York Times

James Woolsey, former CIA director, “The CIA, Intelligence and the War on Terrorism”

James Rubin, former Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, “The Capture of Hussein, What It Means for Iraq, the Middle East and the Elections of 2004”

Nancy Soderberg, former third ranking member of National Security Council Staff and a former US Ambassador to the United Nations, “National Security Strategy After Iraq”

Peter Romero, former Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, “The Current State of Affairs in Latin America”

Tal Becker, legal counsel to the Permanent Mission of Israel to the United Nations, “Responses to Terrorism, An Israeli Perspective”