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Wednesday, February 8
7:30 pm

Meet Congressman Seth Moulton (D-MA)

Iguana Lounge

240 West 54th
(between Broadway and 8th)

upstairs bar

program begins 8:15

As part of DL21C's effort to introduce New Yorkers to current voices shaping the Democratic Party, we welcome Congressman Seth Moulton next Wednesday.
Congressman Moulton has been an outspoken critic of the new Administration's Executive Order on refugees. He is an Iraq war veteran, won an upset primary race two years ago defeating one of his state's longest-serving incumbents, and is seen as one of the Party's national rising stars.  In Congress, he has focused his legislative work on issues ranging from jobs to tech innovation to immigration and is a member of the Congressional Future Caucus, representing a new generation of leadership in Washington.
Please join us on Wednesday, where Rep. Moulton will discuss his current work and vision for tomorrow's Democratic Party.
About Congressman Moulton
Congressman Seth Moulton was born and raised in northeastern Massachusetts.
After graduating from Harvard in 2001 with a degree in physics, he joined the United States Marine Corps.
Congressman Moulton served four tours in Iraq as a Marine Corps infantry officer, including two tours as a platoon commander. In 2003, he was in the first company of Marines to enter Baghdad. In 2004, he led a platoon during the Battle of Najaf, the fiercest fighting of the war to that time. As a Special Assistant to General David Petraeus, he worked on a small team of Marines leading counterinsurgency operations south of Baghdad in 2005 and during the Surge. He left the Marines in 2008 with the rank of Captain.
Congressman Moulton was elected to Congress in 2014 on a platform of bringing new, bipartisan leadership to Congress. Congressman Moulton serves on the House Armed Services Committee and the House Budget Committee in the 115th Congress.
Recent press about Rep. Moulton:
Seth Moulton is Seizing the Moment
Today’s Boston Globe article that discusses how Seth has led the charge in taking on the Trump administration’s dangerous policy decisions.
Rep Moulton Says “No Way in Hell” Gen. Mattis Supports New Immigration Order
In this TV Interview with Martha Raddatz, Congressman Moulton points out that Trump’s Muslim ban will not make America more safe - it will only be used as propaganda by ISIS to recruit members, and it will make it more difficult for US soldiers to enlist the help of allies overseas if those allies are alienated.