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"Calling NYS Senators to Make a Decision on Education Funding"

On April 6, 2006, DL21c partnered with Citizen Action of New York (CANY) and the Alliance for Quality Education (AQE) for an evening of high impact phone-banking.
After our March 2 event with Melorra Sochet, Deputy Director to the NYC Council's Commission on the CFE lawsuit, and our March 16 phone-banking session where we connected numerous New Yorkers directly with their state senator's offices, the DL21C Education Committee is energized and on the move!
In case you have not heard yet, in reaction to the Campaign for Fiscal Equity ("CFE") lawsuit, the State's highest court ruled that NYC schools have been systematically underfunded by the State and gave the legislature a year to remedy this injustice by reforming the state's education funding system. Governor Pataki and the Senate Republican Majority refused to address the Court order. The impasse on this issue led to a complete breakdown of the legislative process in 2004 and the latest state budget in history.
In an effort to make sure that the Court's recommendations are heeded by the Legislature, AQE is undertaking a multi-tiered grassroots organizing effort in targeted swing Senate districts in New York State . The goal is to force the State Senate to pass legislation implementing the court order statewide by calling citizens that are constituents of State Senators who oppose school funding reform. The calls are effective and fun. With the automated dialing systems, the people we call get immediately patched through to the State Senator's Office by pushing a button. At the end of the evening shifts, their voicemail boxes are full, and at the end of an afternoon shift, we've bombarded with so many calls the office can barely function - if this doesn't compel them to fund our city's schools, nothing will!  

For more information on the Alliance for Quality Education, please visit their website at For more information on the Campaign for Fiscal Equity court case, please visit